SCAN Health Plan

About The Project

With more people than ever browsing the web on mobile devices (including seniors), SCAN wanted to create a responsive website that would allow their users to learn more about the services they offer and easily enroll in the health plan of their choice.

My Contribution

Serving as the experience designer, I created the site structure and wireframes in collaboration with other members of the UX team.


To achieve SCAN's website goals, we structured the content and features based on defined user groups including Members, Prospects, Caregivers, Providers, and Brokers.

Wireframe Samples

During the wireframe phase, it was important to visualize and illustrate different page interactions for the designers and document the functional specifications and requirements for the developers. During this phase we constantly reviewed each page of the wireframe by printing them on tabloid size paper to ensure that the website was still meeting each user type's goals.


It's no surprise that large-scale website redesigns take a lot of work, from UX to design and development to deployment. SCAN's new website was no exception. Throw in the element of Medicare policies and the need to accommodate for different languages, font sizes, and content variations, and one can see how a project of this magnitude can begin to grow overwhelming. I'm quite proud of the talented team of people I had the pleasure of working with to bring this project to life and look forward to seeing it continue to grow and improve with future iterations.

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