About The Project

FirstHealth was interested in redesigning their website (both desktop and mobile) to provide better accessibility for their users.

My Contribution

I served as the experience designer and created the site architecture and wireframes in collaboration with other UX team members.


Once the Strategic Design Plan was completed, we created a sitemap to account for every screen that would be shown on FirstHealth's new website. Here we were able to group content into category buckets that would allow users to easily find content based on their needs. The sitemap also helped us identify templates for pages with similar content.

Wireframe Samples

Due to the large amount of content involved with the website's redesign, high fidelity wireframes were created for each page to ensure the navigation, content, behavior, and visual layout for each page was taken into account.

Mobile Wireframe Samples

Mobile wireframes were also created to show how each page would scale when viewed on a mobile device.


As one of my first healthcare-related projects, FirstHealth was a memorable assignment. Not only was it a great challenge to design for the healthcare experience, it gave me invaluable insights into the not-for-profit regional healthcare process.

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